Phillip B. Conrad

March 28, 2009

My Las Vegas

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The Stratosphere From MLK Blvd. and 95

The Stratosphere From MLK Blvd. and 95

The Las Vegas people visit is not the same place as the Las Vegas that people live and work in.  Although I love the audacity of The Strip and locals casinos that are like mini-cities, I also love the Vegas people live in even more.  The city is in a constant state of construction.  The spirit of reinvention that The Strip is known for, permeates the whole area.  Nobody is satisfied to leave things as they are when they have an dream to make it better.

This picture was taken from the exit of the new Costco Business center.  They renovated a perfectly good Costco, with the dream of creating a different kind of Costco – one with a greater selection of energy drinks, beef jerky and rubber gloves.  Sadly, this dream did not include the lunch counter, so I mainly go here for gas now.  I always thought that whole ‘business’ aspect of Costco was a ruse.  I never thought people actually used the place to stock their small businesses.  I always thought you just went there to buy huge quantities of stuff for personal/family consumption.  But apparently there is some segment of their customer base that actually uses the place as a wholesaler.  I never thought the prices were really low enough to allow for profitable resale, but I guess I’m mistaken.

Anyway, we lost a good source of cheap lunches, and gained a store that closes earlier and has less of the food items I would normally buy.  So, I take my Costco business to the more suburban locations.  If I ever need six boxes of medical exam gloves though, I know where to go.


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